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El Sewedy Industries Group:


El Sewedy Industries Acknowledges seriously both its Role & Moral obligations towards the Corporate Social Responsibility implementation.

taking positive actions towards improving the local community in various sectors,( social development & Health Reforms) while keeping a Low profile about it in the community.

It is worth mentioning that social corporate responsibility is expressed and practiced through two different channels that integrates together

  1. Internal corporate social responsibility .
  2. External toward community.

El Sewedy Industries along with all its subsidiaries have been one of the  first industrial group calling and actively participating

in the following practices:

  • Sponsoring several Training & Development activities within the industrial fields to help the name brand Made in Egypt .
  • Ensuring the implementation of child labor Law code at all times in all our factories.(believing in children's right for safety........
  • Firmly enforcing Safety & Health regulations and best practice in all our factories and productions cycles.
  • Promoting Healthy Environment & minimizing pollution output by adopting various recycling processes.
  • Keeping our community Green and Healthy for the residents by taking positive actions in various urban sandy area
  • Ensuring Health hazards Factories are located and working only in industrial zone far enough from any residential community.
  • Partnership and or sponsoring for the Education & science institutes from early stages of schooling up& until highest specialized degree, always has been our biggest social responsibility towards the community .


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